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Furry Journey

my winding path



November 26th, 2007

All my peeps


Big ups to all my peeps, you always bring my crazy self back to reality, Crazy does stay below the surface sometimes it  festers and oozes, love you guys , ttyl

November 25th, 2007

better now

well todays a better day i seem to be up and down, i thinking about not playing too much pool next session, i have to play nine ball, but im tired of getting to tired before the weekend to do anything, on the weekend.

November 23rd, 2007

todays, yesterday

So todays sucked everything sucks, moneys tight,  figured out on the way home its cause I lost my good job cause of my sleep crap, so we have like 500 dollars a month, LESS, im upset and everyone else is doing great. its fucking depressing. cant i just sit and fucking be depressed, its like the T shirt says, "shit  your going to try to cheer me up arent you?"

September 30th, 2007


we r drunk like a fuckker, 12 jager and bunchhes of vodka drunk

September 19th, 2007

stupid stuff

man i am so sick of hypocrites and reverse racism,, like We (none minorities(sp?)) have done something wrong to everysingle person of a different race then us,,, i am so sick of PEOPLE pulling the  race card, im not racist, although i do realize some people are, Jesse Jackson accused Baraake (sp) O' Baama of and i qoute  "acting like the white man" What the F^&$ is that crap?? and if a african american kid studies tries hard and gets good grades hes accused of the same thing??? since when is being motivated and succeding a white trait?? and a BAD one no less, i know several successful people of many races,, gezzzz not to sound like a throw back but we are all people right?? Damn im gonna freaking say the heck with it and become an animal, its a heck of a lot simpler then being human, survive, kill or be killed. i guess thats my celtic roots showing through. i shouldhave been born when people would fight out disputes, and  whoever was strongest or smartest or whatever would rule, let hillary try to rule back then!!!
peace and LOTS of LOVE (the physical kind!)

September 14th, 2007

Well hello there

Well here i am im a 26 yo male from missouri, i just got deep into the fandom im still kinda starting out. My fursona is a chubby snow leopard with a black mohawk type stripe. and two earrings on my left ear, im beginning my journey into all this and am trying to get into fursuiting as soon as i get $$$. thanks for reading my journal. 
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